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Would India have been safer if all Muslims were deported during the partition?

Answer by Harish Aditham:

I am highly disturbed by this question but not the least surprised by the questioner’s anonymity.

We worship and adore our “Muslim” Bollywood heroes.

We proudly claim our best President to date, is the Father of Indian defence, the “Muslim” Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam.

We love to wear the sarees woven by the “Muslim” weavers of Benares.

We love the Biryani, the tandoor, the kebabs, the naans et al brought by “Muslims” to our land.

We go bonkers when the “Muslim” Zaheer Khan bowls well or become ecstatic when hearing the “Muslim” Ustad Bismillah Khan’s shehnai or the tunes of the “Muslim” A.R.Rahman.

The presence of almost the same number of Muslims in India as in Pakistan is the single biggest reason we are a thriving democracy today, admired by the world. Only a person wishing for a collapse of the Indian State can wish to expel Muslims and prove the Two Nation theory was correct. Allow me to explain why.

The presence of significant minorities is the single biggest pullback for any State veering towards fascism, religious fanaticism and internal unrest. Case in point, Pakistan. Look at where they are today, and where we are now.

The two most similar entities in the world are Pakistan and Hindutva. None of the Muslim League opposed the British Raj, neither did the RSS. None of them were ever jailed, persecuted in the Indian independence movement. Pakistan went its own individual way, to what effect we all know today.

The Hypothetical Scenario:

India becomes a “Hindu” theocracy. At least in Islam there is more uniformity than in Hinduism. We would have then started fighting over what is “true Hinduism”. What is true Hinduism? Can anyone define it? We would basically be right back to the olden times in South India where religious wars were fought between Vaishnavites and Shaivites. This is not hypothetical, it is already happening in Pakistan with Ahmediyyas, Mohajirs, Hazaras and Shias bearing the brunt!

The stigma with caste system would have gotten stronger than it is today. When minorities are present, it gives Hindus a reason to reform the plight of lower castes lest they convert. With no one to provide a counterview, the caste system would have continued unabated with its own internal violence.

Incidents like at Mangalore pub etc. would have multiplied across India in our effort to identify “true Hinduism”. Female foeticide would have been more rampant. Child marriage? It is not a fault according to Shastras! So the women in India would have effectively been restored back to the Middle Ages. Sati was also a great practice of “true Hinduism”.

Khap Panchayats would have had even more rights to do outrageous things than they do now. One may argue, we could have still remained “secular in constitution”. But how does one remain “secular” in constitution when the only religion in the land is Hinduism?

The entire identity of the nation would have been built around “not-Pakistan” instead of “Unity in Diversity”. A veritable (fool’s) paradise indeed.

Religion is but one form of discrimination. We have several within Hinduism itself which are more potent and better at discriminating. The horrors of having a monopolized state with “hindutva police brigades” monitoring every aspect of life is unimaginable.

Perhaps, no one puts is most eloquently than Javed Akhtar in an interview to Pakistan, where he claims “the failed Pakistan state” is a lab experiment for communal forces of India. I wish every Indian sees it!

Javed Akhtar to Pakistani Television why India succeeds because of Hindu-Muslim unity:

Yes there are elements of radicalization in Indian Muslims. So what? To give an analogy, would you prefer to burn down an entire lush, green field of golden corn because of some weeds or would you look for pesticides and weeding out agents? I hope to God the choice seems obvious; in any case, its the latter.

And the idea that all Muslims are languishing in poverty in India is ludicrous. They as a community have made great strides, just like every other community in India. Besides, Muslims have the greatest freedom to practice their religion only in India. No other Muslim State allows Sunnis, Shias, Ahmediyyas, Bohras and Hazaras to all live in their free will! So how is assigning them to a declared Sunni State (Pakistan) ethical in your eyes?

Anyone who thinks otherwise, according to me, is a person who wishes for the collapse of the Indian State. They know it themselves, as their anonymity in asking and/or answering this question indicates. Enough said.
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